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It's Testing Time! Please watch the calendar in the Counselor's Corner for testing info and updates!
Mission Statement


   The Hi-Plains School District R-23 shall strive to provide a safe environment that will enable our students to obtain the knowledge, skills, and confidence necessary to achieve success in their personal academic and career goals. 
School District Educational Objectives
  1. Students shall demonstrate the skills and attitudes of critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, intellectual curiosity and artistic expression which form the foundation for lifelong learning.
  2. Students shall acquire the skills and knowledge required to lead successful lives and be productive citizens. 
  3. Students shall demonstrate proficiency in core academic areas by meeting or exceeding state and district content standards.
  4. Students shall demonstrate the job acquisition, job retention and marketable job skills necessary to be effective, productive workers. 
  5. Students shall be able to make effective life choices based on commonly held values of honesty, respect for self and others, civic and personal responsibility and integrity.