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It's Testing Time! Please watch the calendar in the Counselor's Corner for testing info and updates!


Hi-Plains Parents/Guardians:

One staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. Multiple staff members have been exposed to the positive case. These exposures affect instructional staff and transportation staff, which would make it difficult to find enough substitutes for instruction and transportation. After public health and district interviews, the following steps will be taken to ensure the safety of both students and staff:

  1. The Hi-Plains School, grades preK-12, will move to remote learning for the two weeks. They will return to in-person learning on Tuesday, November 17. This time period will cover the quarantine period for all possible close contacts.
  2. The staff member who tested positive will remain in isolation until they are no longer infectious.
  3. Upon return, we will be on heightened awareness of COVID-like symptoms for students and staff.
  4. Upon return, we ask that parent screen their children at home prior to sending them to school.


Staff who were not exposed will be at the school tomorrow, November 3, to assist students with collecting materials, including Chromebooks. Please pick student materials up as early as possible, beginning at 7:30 am.

If you have questions, please contact me at the school by phone or email.

970-664-2636        mikec@hp-patriots.com

Letter to Hi-Plains community regarding process for football games:

The Hi-Plains School must follow Kit Carson County variances and CHSAA guidelines in order to host football contests. We must follow these regulations and guidelines in order to keep our school safe and continue to be allowed to host contests. For these reasons, we are asking all spectators to respect these rules to be a spectator. If you feel you are unable to comply with the following rules, please do not attend our events.

  1. We must comply with the Kit Carson County variance of 50% capacity and/or no more than 250 people and can socially distance. This does not include players, coaches, officials, or workers who are huddled together in close proximity to spectators.
  2. If spectators remain in their vehicle, they are not included in the total number of spectators.
  3. All spectators must wear masks when you leave your vehicle. This includes sitting in the stands, standing at someone else’s vehicle, going to the concessions or going to the restroom.
  4. We strongly encourage all spectators to remain with their own cohort or family group, and always socially distance any time you must leave your cohort or family group.
    1. Hi-Plains fans will sit and park on the west and north side and visitors will be on the east and south side.
    2. Please use social distance guidelines at the concession stand and wear your mask.
    3. Restrooms:  Hi-Plains will use the restrooms near the concessions.  Visitors will use the Portable bathrooms on the east side.
    4. We expect all fans to stay separate to the best of their ability.
    5. We are asking all fans to stay off the grass before and after the game.  You may sit on the track using social distancing.  Only the teams are allowed on the grass.

10.  Fans will not be able to visit with the players or cheerleaders, before, during and after the game.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation. We believe strongly that it is important that our students are able to participate in extra-curricular activities. Everyone’s compliance with the regulations and guidelines can ensure our kids are able to do just that.

Message from Michael Clark, Superintendent:
Due to COVID-19, all community Hi-Plains School gym access keycards will be denied access until further notice. Only school personnel will be provided access to the facilities.

Due to the Governor's mask mandate, everyone in the building will be required to wear a face covering until the mandate expires. If you have any questions about the mask mandate or the return to school plan, please call Mr. Clark at the school.
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